Ruth J. Hartman

Cozy Mysteries with a feline twist!

Purple Cat

Coming soon:
Book 1 in The Bookshop Kitties Mysteries!

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The Kitty Beret Cafe Mysteries



When Ellie Warren opens the Kitty Beret Café, her life revolves around finding forever homes for rescued cats and serving lattes. That is, until a woman’s body is discovered behind her shop—the same woman who’d thrown a hissy fit with Ellie in front of lots of witnesses. With Ellie’s cat, Templeton, supplying clues and the help of handsome Detective Simon Dare, she’s on the prowl for the murderer. Will Ellie discover the identity of the culprit before the murderer sinks their claws into her?

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Book #2


When Ellie Warren, owner of the Kitty Beret Café, gets a request to host a cat show, she’s reluctant. That is, until she discovers it’s for rescued cats only. What starts out as a fun adventure turns south when one of the judges is murdered. Can Ellie, with the help of Detective Dare, and her clever cat Templeton, run the show, crown a Best in Rescue Winner of the competition, while at the same time find the killer?


Book #3

Ellie Warren gets more than purrs and meows when she takes her therapy cats for a retirement home visit where her grandmother lives. Nana is framed for murder when the nasty-tempered dance instructor turns up dead following their cat fight over Nana’s boyfriend. Can Ellie prove crazy Nana is innocent before the police lock her up for good?

A Dorey Cameron Mystery

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Dorey Cameron just wants to do her job. But that’s nearly impossible when her dental patients don’t show up for appointments. The bizarre accidents causing them not to appear can’t be a coincidence. Someone is sabotaging her. But why? Things take a terrible turn when vandalism, mugging and murder have the police pointing the finger at Dorey. Something in her possession must be worth killing for. If Dorey can’t figure out the mystery in time, will she be the next victim?